The Fiction of Politics and Politics of Fiction
International Colloquium of American Studies, Olomouc, September 1-6, 2002

Fulbright Graduate Fellowship, United Kingdom, 1996-1997.
Fulbright Intercountry Travel Grant, Netherlands Fulbright Commission, 1997.
Fellow of the University, University of Liverpool, 1996-1997.
(Fellow of the University, absentia, University of Liverpool, 1997-1998.)
Visiting Scholar, English Department, University of Liverpool, 1996-1997.
Honorary Independent Postgrad Researcher, Strathclyde University, 1997-1998
Lecture Grant, The Roosevelt Center for American Studies (Middelburg,
The Netherlands), 1997.

Faculty Development Grant, Eckerd College, 1998.
University Dissertation Fellowship, Fordham University, 1996-1997.
High Distinction, PhD comprehensive exams, Fordham University, 1995.
Bennett Fellowship, Fordham University, 1992-1995.
Presidential Scholarship, Fordham University, 1992-1997.
Teaching Fellowship, Fordham University, 1993-1994.
University Fellowship, Temple University, 1989.
Presidential Scholarship, Temple University, 1989.
Gordon J. Alderman Award, Syracuse University, 1985.
University Fellowship, Syracuse University, 1984-1985.
Presidential Scholarship, Syracuse University, 1984-1985.
Magna cum Laude, Brown University, 1982.

Rumors of War and Infernal Machines: Technomilitary Agenda-setting in American and English Speculative Fiction. Pub. pending (Fall/Winter 2002) Liverpool University Press (Liverpool, U.K.)
Anthologies "Silo Psychosis: Diagnosing America's Nuclear Anxieties Through Narrative Imagery," in Imagining Apocalypse. David Seed, ed. London: Macmillan, 1999; New York: St. Martin's, 1999.
"Transcultural Premonitions of the Postcolonial Endgame: Odysseys as Omens in the Work of Melville, Conrad, Wells" in European Contributions to American Studies, Rob Kroes, ed. Amsterdam (Netherlands): Free University Press 1999.
"American Dreams and Edwardian Aspirations: Technological Innovation and Temporal Uncertainty in Narratives of Expectation" in Histories of the Future, A. Sandisson and Shippey, T. eds. London: Macmillan, 2000.
"To Boldly Go Where No Words Have Gone Before: Representations of Space Exploration in American Narratives," in Utter Silence: Voicing the Unspeakable, A Mills and Smith, J. eds. New York: Peter Lang, 2001.
--Articles: Journals
"Neither Fire Nor Ice: Postmodern Revisions of America's Post-Cold War Apocalyptic Nightmare" in The Comparatist, Volume 23, (May, 1999).
"'One Swift, Conclusive Smashing': H.G. Wells' Ruminations upon 'The Collapse of Civilisation" and 'Modern War'." Foundations. No. 77, Autumn 1999.
"Brecht's Alienation (Effect) in the Brave New (Postsocialist) World," in Communications, Volume 27, No. 2, 1998.
"At the Gates of Absolutism: Literature and Lysenkoism in the Soviet Union" in The Journal of Social and Evolutionary Systems. Volume 19, No. 1; Spring 1996.
"The Ringing Grooves of Change" in The New York Review of Science Fiction; No. 30, February, 1991.
"Travelling to the Future and the Past on Robert Forward's Martian Rainbow" in The New York Review of Science Fiction; No. 41, January, 1992.
"A View from Bishop's Bridge." in The New York Review of Science Fiction; No. 45, May, 1992.
--Reviews and synopses
Review of The Next Great War with Germany, 1890-1914, by I.F. Clarke (Liverpool: LUP, 1997), for Science Fiction Studies, November 1997 (Volume 24, Part 3).
"Freddy's Book," (Gardner) reviewed and synopsized for Magill's Cyclopedia of Literary Characters, Revised Edition. Salem Press, 1998.
"Solaris," (S. Lem) reviewed and synopsized for Magill's Guide to Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature. Salem Press, 1996.
"Make Room, Make Room!" (H. Harrison), reviewed and synopsized for Magill's Guide to Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature. Salem Press, 1996.
"Downbelow Station," (CJ Cherryh), reviewed and synopsized for Magill's Guide to Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature. Salem Press, 1996.
--Editorial Positions
Associate Editor, The Journal of Social and Evolutionary Systems
(JAI Press). From Volume 19, No. 2; Fall 1996-2001 (journal discontinued).
Associate Editor, Cithara (St. Bonaventure University Press). From Vol. 41, No.1; November 2001.
Reader/referee for Mosaic, a Journal for the Interdisciplinary Study of Literature. From March, 1998.

--Special Invitations
Panelist and Panelist/Moderator at ARISIA (convention) Jan 18-20, 2002.
Panelist & moderator (literary perspective) for topic "Women in the Military in Fiction."
Panelist (literary/authorship perspective) on topic "Predicting the Future: How do we Extrapolate Realistically?"
Panelist (literary/authorship perspective) on topic "Outliving the Future: What does Speculative Fiction Mean in 2002?"
Panelist (literary/authorship perspective) on topic "Plagues and Armageddon."
Panelist and Panelist/Moderator at Albacon Oct 5-7, 2001.
Panelist & moderator (literary perspective) for topic "Strange New Worlds: the planets we are finding and their significance"
Panelist (literary/authorship perspective) on topic "Asteroid Impacts: does the world need saving?"
Panelist and Panelist/Moderator at Philcon, Nov 17-19, 2000.
Panelist & moderator (literary perspective) for topic "The Future of Organized Crime in Literature of the Future";
Panelist (literary/authorship perspective) on topic "Enduring Legacy or Five Minutes of Fame? Predicting the Classics of Today's Literature."
Lecture: "'One Swift, Conclusive Smashing': H.G. Wells' Ruminations upon 'The Collapse of Civilisation under the Strain of Modern War'," at "The War of the Worlds: An International Centenary Conference," Royal Holloway College, University of London; September 19, 1998.
Seminar Series, "Science, Power, and Neocolonial Realpolitik", Edgehill College (Liverpool); Spring, 1997.
Lecture: "'Rattle Swish Bang' from London to Los Angeles: Wells' The War of the Worlds" Across Two Oceans and Two Media," at Reading University; Reading, U.K.; May 1, 1997.
Lecture: "Incineration, Annihilation, Aftermath: The Imagery of Armageddon in Anglo-American Film and Literature," at "Britain and the Bomb: Seminar on the Fiftieth Anniversary of Nuclear Deterrence in the U.K." University of Luton; Luton, U.K.; February 11, 1997.
Lecture (postgraduate seminar): "Imperial Anticipations of Postcolonial Perils: Cultures in Conflict in Colonial Texts," at University of Liverpool; Liverpool U.K.; April 21, 1997.
Lecture, "'The Craft Has Exploded': Exploring Representations of Space Exploration in American Fiction and Journalism," at Edgehill College, U.K.; March 17, 1997.
--Conference Papers:
"Neither Fire Nor Ice: Postmodern Revisions of the Post-Cold War Apocalyptic Nightmare" for "Narrative Practices in the Post-Cold War Era: Political and Narratological Transformations," at the Modern Languages Association Annual Conference (Toronto; December 1997)
"Alienation (Effect) in the Brave New (Postsocialist) World" for the "Brecht and Utopia" session of the Modern Languages Association Annual Conference (Toronto; December 1997).
"Across Oceans and Athwart Cultures: Problematizing the Boundaries Between American and European Literatures, and Colonialist and Post-colonial Discourses" for "Geography and Genre: The Empire State and Other Literary Landscapes" (Fordham University, Lincoln Center Campus, NY; November 1997).
"Transcultural Premonitions of the Postcolonial Endgame: Odysseys as Omens in the Work of Melville, Conrad, Wells" for "Through the Cultural Looking Glass: American Studies in Transcultural Perspective," the 1997 Netherlands American Studies Association (NASA) conference (Roosevelt Study Center; Middelberg, Netherlands; June 1997)
"The Quick or the Dead: The (Blood) Wedding Between Big Technology and Big Bodycounts in American Postmodern Fiction," for "Texts and Violence" (Queen Mary College, London; February 1997).
"Always Off-Target: An Exploded View of Weapon Effects in American Cold War Narratives," for "Framing Fictions: Narrative/Text/Media," at the Northern Seminar for Twentieth-Century Literature (University of Liverpool; November 1996).
"The Expansion of Death, the Contraction of Environment: Depersonalizing Effects of Military Technology in Twain's A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court", at New York College English Association Conference Literature of War/Peace (NYU; April 1995).
"Fields of Fire: The Grim Harvest in American War Fiction", at Violence: Representations and Reality (USC; April 1995).

1999-Present: Asst. Professor, Saint Bonaventure University. American Literature (undergraduate and graduate), Narrative Studies, Honors courses.
1998-1999: Visiting Assistant Professor, Eckerd College. American Literature.
1997-1998: Visiting Instructor (full time), Fordham University. American literature and general literature.
1996-1997: Fellow of the University / Postgraduate Guest Lecturer in American & Modern Fiction, University of Liverpool.
1996-1997: Guest Lectures in American and Twentieth Century literature at
various U.K. universities (Reading, Luton, Edgehill, QueenMary's).
1992-1995: Instructor, Fordham University. Introductory Literature, Media and Communication Studies, Composition.
1985-1986: Senior Instructor (full time), Center for the Media Arts (N.Y.). Writing for TV, Film, and Print.
1982: Instructor, Barrington Community School (R.I.). Film studies.

1986-1995: Scriptwriter/Producer, Framar Communications. Created
global broadcast/satellite programming. Credits include:
1993: Hepatitis: The Invisible Epidemic; documentary for the World Health Organization (U.N).
1988: Sounds of Hope; documentary for the New York League
For the Hard of Hearing, with Richard Thomas.
1987: La Raza: The Voice of a People, documentary for The
National Council of La Raza, with Edward Olmos.
1987-1991: Feature film script consultant for D. Silvers Associates.
1985: Second Place (Fiction), SMPTE Regional Video and Film Competition, for video short "Covert Operations".
1987-1992, Freelance Writer/Editor for GDW Publishing
1985-1986: Rewriter (books only), Chelsea House Publishers.
1983-1984: Advertising Copywriter, Prentice Hall.
1983: Production Editor, Simon and Schuster.
--Fiction & poetry Honorable Mention; The Academy of American Poets, 1993 Competition.
"The Gift of the Magi" (novelette), in Invasion (Baen/Simon & Schuster, 1994); "The Persistence of Visions" (novelette), in Analog Science Fact and Fiction (pub. pending); various short fiction in magazines and journals.

1996-1997: Fulbright Fellow and Visiting Scholar at the University of Liverpool.
1993-1997: PhD, English, Fordham University, Bronx, NY. Americanist.
Dissertation: "American Speculative Fiction: Literature of Political Transformation." Assesses the political influence of fiction upon knowledge, science, and technology. Connections between the rise of technophilic superpower states, the parallel increase of relevant narratives (canonical and popular) since 1850, and their influence upon political agendas in Industrialized America (and late Victorian England) are explored. Director: Philip Sicker.
1992-1993: MA, English, Fordham University, Bronx, NY. Americanist/Modernist.
1989: Special Study, Communications, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA.
1984-1985: MS, Writing for Radio, Television, Film, S. I. Newhouse School of Public Communication, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY.
1978-1982: BA, Creative Writing / Multidisciplinary, Brown University, Providence, RI.

Modern Language Association, European Association for American Studies, New York College English Association, Netherlands American Studies Association, Fulbright Alumni Association, Society for Literature and Science, SFFWA, SFRA.

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