15th International Colloquium of American Studies
Olomouc, September 7-10, 2008
Palacky University Olomouc, Czech Republic


For times and speakers see the "Programme" section.


This symposium opens a forum for the exploration of wide-ranging issues related to the topic:

- movements (artistic, social, political)
- mobility (transportation, social and inter/cultural) mobility
- speed, pace, rhythm
- motion-pictures
- fast-paced narratives (crime stories, thrillers, adventure stories)
- space flights
- flights of fancy
- runaways
- chases and narrow escapes
- motion and emotion
- gestures and body language

There is no other country where motion has earned a place of honour almost akin to worship. It is evident in the concepts of the March of Civilization, the Moving Frontier, Westward Ho!, Manifest Destiny, in the early emphasis on an efficient network of communication between the distant parts of a large territory, in the fast pace of socio-cultural changes in the last two centuries, resulting in the postmodern, restless, nomadic and possibly rootless character of contemporary society.

We are interested in such questions as:

* How is motion theoretically justified and promoted? In whose interest?
* Is America truly such a dynamic country and if it so, what are the propelling factors?
* How does the mobile character of the society affect individual consciousness and human conduct?

* Does external mobility create internal structures? Does it affect literature and art?
* What are the forms and structures of motion and how are they reflected and developed in American culture?



Registration fee
- 650 CZK (25 EUR) for early registration (before May 23)
- 750 CZK (30 EUR) for late registration



Application form available here. Please kindly return to Mrs. Jitka Hybnerova (jitka.hybnerova@upol.cz) by June 16 the latest.


Deadline for participants' accommodation is June 16, 2008.


Further information on the location, symposium format and accommodation see "Venue" section or contact the programme coordinator Lukáš Merz: <colloquium@centrum.cz>









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