Spirituality and Religion in American Culture, Olomouc 2000


Bridget Bennett: "Sacred Theatres: The Spiritualist Performances of Shakerism in the 1830s and 1840s"
Milos Calda: "American Religion: Sectarianism versus Establishment"
David Goldfield:
"Religion and Politics"
Bernd Herzogenrath:
"God Is a DJ: Spirituality in Techno-Culture"
Josef Jarab:
"Spirituality and Ethnicity in American Culture and Literature"
Milan Klapetek:
"Religion in the U.S.A. - Seen Through the Eyes of a Czech Theologian"
Cheryl Malcolm: "Jewish Faith and American Identity: A Literary Perspective"
Elvira Osipova: "American Transcendentalism as a Religion, Philosophy and Literature"
Tomas Pospisil: "Spirituality and Religion in American Film"
Justin Quinn: "Nature, Spirit, and Ideology in the Poetry of Wallace Stevens"
Matthew Sweney: "In Gods We Trust: Voodoo and Santeria in the USA"
Jirina SmejkalovŠ: "Thinking Gender in Contemporary Feminist Theologies..."
Boris Vejdovsky: "The Sacred and the Secret: Religion and Responsibility in American Literary Culture"

Selected poems by Georgia Scott

Letter of thanks by Alena Kercakova

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