14th International Colloquium of American Studies
September 2-5, 2007
Palacky University Olomouc, Czech Republic

Style sheet



The information here should help you find your way around Olomouc:



Olomouc is best reached from Prague by train. The fast trains (R, IC, EC, Ex) leave every 2 hours from Prague's main railway station and the journey takes about 3 hours. You might also take the SC Pendolino train from Prague Holešovice, which is faster (2h 15min) but is more expensive, 400 CZK = 15 EUR.


You can reach Olomouc easily from Ostrava, Vienna or Brno as well. There are frequent direct train connections, you only have to change once when travelling from Vienna.


Walking distances are short except from the dormitory in Neredin, which is about 30 minutes by foot. The town centre and the university are just 10 minutes by foot. Public transportation in Olomouc is cheap and effective, the ticket for one ride costs 8 CZK and you can take both bus or tram. It is of course always possible to take a taxi.



How to get to some of the locations from the train station:

To the Student dormitory gen. Svobody: tram No 2, 4, 6, the 2nd stop, than ca 3 min. walk.
To the Dormitory Neředín: tram No 7, last stop (near the cemetery) and the dormitory is opposite the last stop of the tram.
To the hotel Arigone: Tram No 2, 4, 6, the 4th stop, than about 4 min. walk.
To the Lectors' hostel, Vančurova street: tram No 1= the 4th stop, 7 = the 5th stop, 2,4,6= the 6th stop.


Tram and bus ticket costs 8 CZK and you can buy it at the newspaper shop at the train station.


Our team of assistants will be ready to show you around the town and will guide you to the opening session from the place of your accommodation.


Food and drink

There are many opportunities, however, we took the liberty of reservating a few tables for lunch time Monday to Wednesday in nearby restaurants, so we do not have to run all over the town to find a place to eat. Staying in a group might also help to get to know each other better and discuss various topics outside the official programme as well. Individual preferences are possible, of course.


Technical equipment

If you wish to accompany your paper with a visual or audio presentation, here are the details you might need. The conference room is equipped with a whiteboard, a screen and a data projector, laptop with Windows XP and Microsoft Office, television, CD/DVD player (region free), videocassette recorder and stereo speakers. Make sure your presentations are compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint, some Linux *.pps files might not function properly.



For your convenience, here are some maps to help you find all the important spots in the town:


Town centre and important spots: centre.jpg

Tram numbers and university facilities: mapa15082007.pdf