The aim of this year's colloquium is to explore dynamic ways in which images and representations of America are located, dislocated and relocated in the non-American media (newspapers, magazines, journals, film, television, internet).
The concepts of location, dislocation and relocation delineate the space and time in which the images and representations of America in various media travel, move, infiltrate, disperse, shift, disappear, reappear, fade, materialize, change, metamorphose, mutate; inspire, influence, stun, amaze, enchant; inform, misinform or disinform;  exercise, shift, diffuse or lose their power; are produced, reproduced or duplicated, appropriated, reflected, deflected, resisted, muted, ignored or not noticed.

Conference proceedings

Extended versions of papers will be peer-reviewed and their selection published in a volume of conference proceedings to be submitted to the Thomson Reuters Conference Proceedings Citation Index.


Course for Palacký University students


Support for Czech participants

Czech participants (M.A. and Ph.D. students, academic teachers and researchers) will get full support from the ESF grant (lodging for 3 nights, meals, and in-country travel costs). Those interested in getting the full support should fill in the application form and return it to Mrs. Hana Kroupová ( by June 15th.

19th Colloquium of American Studies Olomouc - America in Foreign Media
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