16th International Colloquium of American Studies
November 12 - 14, 2009
Palacky University Olomouc, Czech Republic

This  international symposium was devoted the work and legacy of  Nathan Irvin Huggins (1927-1989) a distinguished American historian, author and educator. As a leading scholar in the field of African-American studies, he was W. E. B. Du Bois Professor of History and of Afro-American Studies at Harvard University as well as director of the W. E. B. Du Bois Institute for Afro-American Research.


“In 2009 we shall commemorate the 20th anniversary of Nathan Irvin Huggins’s death. In 1993 a group of leading scholars in African-American Studies from the United States and Europe met in Olomouc for a conference in tribute of the past Director of the DuBois Institute of African American Research at Harvard University; at the same time the conference participants took part in the opening of the Nathan I. Huggins Library, for which the personal library of the Harvard scholar, donated to Palacky University by the widow, Brenda C. Smith, became the core and building stone.

The Huggins Library has been continuously expanded through new donations and purchases, and represents a major center of resources for anyone interested in African-American Studies in the country and the whole region. In 1993 Olomouc was one of the venues where the Collegium for African American Research was shaping up in the early stage of its existence.

The symposium can help to map and sum up the development in the field of African-American studies and consider new needs and design new strategies and new forms of cooperation and coordinating research of the scholars from various countries.”

Josef Jařab


Keynote speaker: Leon F. Litwack is an American historian and professor of history at the University of California Berkeley. He is the 1980 winner of the Pulitzer Prize for history for his book Been In the Storm So Long: The Aftermath of Slavery.



Supported by:

  • Palacký University through the University Conference Center

  • Faculty of Arts

  • The Czech and Slovak Association for American Studies

  • The Research Grant of the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport "Plurality of Culture and Democracy " (MSM 6198959211) 

  • US. Department of State Award

Any donation to the Huggins Library will be appreciated.


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